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About the Studies

Current human burden of occupational cancer

This project developed estimates of the number and proportion of cancers cause by exposure to workplace carcinogens in Canada. It is a study of the current burden – the cancer cases occurring now, based on exposures that occurred in the past.

To develop occupational cancer estimates for Canada, this study used national and provincial cancer statistics, employment data, literature reviews on the cancer risks associated with workplace exposures, and estimates of historical exposure primarily developed by CAREX Canada.

The study was funded by a national team grant from the Canadian Cancer Society, and was done in collaboration with researchers across the country.

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Current economic burden of occupational cancer

This project estimated the cost of cancers caused by occupational exposures. The costs include healthcare costs, productivity and output costs, and quality of life costs at a societal level. The economic estimates represent the total lifetime costs of newly diagnosed cancers in the year 2011. Overall costs are based on the number of occupational cancers estimated in the Current Human Burden project.

The economic burden analyses were led by the Institute for Work & Health. The project was funded by the Canadian Cancer Society as part of the Current Burden of Occupational Cancer project.

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Future burden of Cancer in Construction

This study was an extension of the methodology used in the Current Human and Economic Burden studies. It focused on the Ontario construction industry, and estimated future burden based on current exposure levels.

This study was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. It was a collaboration between researchers at OCRC, the Institute for Work & Health (who led the economic analyses), University of British Columbia, and Ryerson University, and was completed with support from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario, the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers, and the Interior Systems Contractors Association of Ontario.

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Research Teams

Occupational Cancer Research Centre 


Victoria Arrandale

Paul Demers (Principal Investigator)

Kate Jardine

Joanne Kim

Desre Kramer (KTE Team Lead Investigator)

Manisha Pahwa

Elizabeth Rydz

Cathy Slavik

Daniel (Chaojie) Song

CAREX Canada

Calvin Ge

Anne-Marie Nicol

Cheryl Peters


Institute for Work & Health

Young Jung

Christina Kalcevich

Amir Mofidi

Emile Tompa (Economic Team Lead Investigator)