Current human burden of occupational cancer

This study estimated the number of current cancer cases diagnosed each year in Canada that are due to occupational exposures. 

Our results show that in 2011, approximately 3.9-4.2% of all new cancer cases were due to occupational exposure, corresponding to between 9,700 and 10,400 new cases.

The majority of these cases were due to solar radiation, asbestos, diesel engine exhaust, crystalline silica, and shiftwork. The cancer types with the greatest number of cases were non-melanoma skin, lung, female breast, mesothelioma, and bladder.

Burden of occupational cancer in Canada

ExposureNumber of workers exposed*Number of workers exposed*
Asbestos152,0001900 lung
430 mesothelioma
Diesel Engine Exhaust897,000560 lung
200 bladder (suspected)
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons350,000130 lung
50 skin
80 bladder (suspected)
Radon188,000190 lung
Second hand smoke418,000130 lung
20 laryngeal (suspected) 35 pharyngeal
Shiftwork1,800,000470-1,200 female breast (suspected)
Silica380,000570 lung
Solar UV radiation1,500,0004560 non-melanoma skin
Welding fumes333,000310 lung

Not all burden estimates are shown. Table shows estimates for nine key exposures in Canadian workplaces.*Estimated by CAREX Canada.
†Based on 2011 cancer statistics.