The Occupational Disease Surveillance System

Monitoring disease risks among Ontario workers

The ODSS follows a cohort of more than 2.4 million workers in Ontario.

Work information is not part of routinely collected health data in Canada

The ODSS links health databases with job information in order to identify and monitor disease risks among Ontario workers.

About the study

The ODSS was launched in 2016. Learn more about our methods, funders, partners and research team.

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Explore the ODSS data tool

Explore risks by exposure, industry and occupation using our interactive data tool

Opioids and work

Find out how the ODSS is monitoring the health impacts of opioids

COVID-19 at work

Learn how the ODSS can be use to track COVID-19 among Ontario workers

ODSS results by disease

Bulletins and Alerts

Brief highlights on high risk jobs, key exposures and emerging issues


Non-peer-reviewed research summaries


Peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals

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The ODSS is part of OCRC’s Occupational Disease Surveillance Program (ODSP)

Visit the ODSP website to learn more about OCRC’s surveillance research, including research on mesothelioma in Canada, and exposure surveillance using data from the Ontario Toxics Reduction Act.

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