Video: IARC and the classification of carcinogens

In February 2012 the Occupational Cancer Research Centre hosted a workshop on the classification of carcinogens. The workshop described how the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) evaluates an agent’s carcinogenicity to humans, using shiftwork as an example. Below is a seven part video module based on the information discussed in the workshop. The videos describe what IARC is, the process it uses for classifying carcinogens, the human and animal evidence for shiftwork and cancer, and the role of the evaluation in cancer prevention. For more information, please visit our event page.


Module 1: Introduction to IARC

Module 2: Shiftwork

Module 3: Studies of shiftwork and cancer in humans

Module 4: How IARC evaluates animal studies

Module 5: How light at night affects the body

Module 6: Studies of light at night and cancer in experimental animals

Module 7: The evaluation and its role in cancer prevention