Skin Cancer Prevention Strategies for Outdoor Workers

Occupational sun exposure is a significant risk factor for non-melanoma skin cancer. On average, we spend a third of our day at work, often during the daylight hours, so outdoor workers can be exposed to high levels of UV radiation. However, with the right strategies, occupational skin cancer can be largely preventable. The OCRC, in collaboration with Ryerson University and partners across Canada, has developed a fact sheet on skin cancer prevention strategies for outdoor workers. These strategies include structural controls, such as providing shade; administrative controls, such as modifying work activities to limit sun exposure at high UV times; and personal protective equipment, such as hats and long-sleeved shirts.

The OCRC is collaborating with Ryerson University and partners across Canada to develop Sun Safety at Work Canada, a nationally-applicable workplace-based sun safety program for skin cancer and heat stress prevention funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. This program is housed on an interactive website and will provide a comprehensive range of resources and tools that can be adapted to each company’s needs. For more information, visit or read more about Sun Safety at Work Canada on our project page.