Archives For: 2019

Report: Awareness of asbestos hazards in schools, asbestos management plans and training among Ontario school custodial workers

This report summarizes the findings from an evaluation of custodial workers’ awareness of asbestos management in schools.

Report Release: Burden of Occupational Cancer in Canada

The report presents estimates of occupational exposure and the associated burden of cancer in Canada, as well as exposure reduction strategies and policy recommendations.

Occupational and Environmental Health Seminar Series 2019-2020

Seminars are held on Fridays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. The seminars are open to everyone, and can be attended in person or by webinar.

2019 Day of Mourning

April 28th is the National Day of Mourning, held to honour those who have been killed or suffered an injury or illness due to work.

OCRC launches the Occupational Disease Surveillance Program website

Our new website,, focuses on surveillance of occupational diseases and workplace exposures.

Dutch Committee on Occupational Safety releases report on diesel engine exhaust

The Committee has determined that there is no safe exposure concentration below which no adverse health effects occur.

Developing National CAREX Projects in Latin America & the Caribbean: Technical Guide

Technical Guide to the Workshop Proceedings: Building Capacity for CAREX Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (May 2014)