The Economic Burden of Bladder Cancer Due to Occupational Exposure

Jung YL, Tompa E, Longo C, Kalcevich C, Kim J, Song C, Demers P. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2018;60(3):217-225.

Objective: To estimate the economic burden of bladder cancer due to occupational exposures.

Methods: Using a societal perspective, we estimate the lifetime costs of newly diagnosed cases of bladder cancer in Canada that is associated with occupational exposure for the calendar year 2011. The three major categories we consider are direct, indirect, and quality of life costs.

Results: There were 199 newly identified cases of bladder cancer. The estimated total cost of bladder cancer for new cases in 2011 was $131 million and an average per-case cost of $658,055 CAD (2011 dollars). Of the total costs, direct costs accounted for 6%, indirect costs 29%, and health-related quality of life costs 65%.

Conclusions: The per-case economic burden of bladder cancer due to occupational exposure is substantial which suggests the importance and value of exposure reduction.