Shiftwork Interventions Symposium

Interventions mitigating health risks for shift work: Current knowledge and workplace practices

On November 6, 2012, OCRC and the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) held a symposium about workplace practices to mitigate the health effects of shift work. The goal of the symposium was discuss promising interventions for preventing the injuries and illnesses related to shiftwork. Over 100 individuals representing employers, workers, government, research, and the workers’ compensation communities came together in Toronto to share the latest evidence about interventions and to discuss the implications for research and practice.

Symposium Materials

Project overview
Shiftwork and health summary
Shiftwork interventions summary
Summary of breakout session discussions


Shiftwork: An overview of health effects and potential interventions
Paul A. Demers, Director, Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Toronto, Canada

Shiftwork schedules
Robert Whiting, Senior Scientific Advisor, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Hamilton, Canada

Workplace policies and practices to promote work schedule flexibility
Karen Albertsen, Researcher and Psychologist, TeamArbejdsliv (Team Working Life), Copenhagen, Denmark

Controlled exposure to light and darkness
Diane Boivin, Founder and Director, Centre for Study and Treatment of Circadian Rhythms, McGill University, Montreal, Canada


Dr. Robert Whiting:

Dr. Karen Albertsen:

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