OCRC Report: Workplace practices to address the health effects of shiftwork | Stakeholder knowledge and needs survey

In 2011, the OCRC and the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) completed a survey to determine stakeholder needs and current knowledge of interventions to reduce the health effects of shiftwork. This web-based survey about workplace practices assessed knowledge of risk associated with shiftwork, identified types of interventions that have been proposed or implemented, determined the key players involved in shiftwork-related interventions, and collected information on what is needed to protect the health of shiftworkers. Survey respondents included workers, unions, employers, researchers, and policy-makers.

The results of the survey were used to plan the OCRC and IWH’s fall 2012 symposium entitled “Interventions mediating health risks among shiftworkers: Current knowledge and workplace practices.” For more information on shiftwork-related initiatives at the OCRC, visit our Projects page.