Opioids and Work Study highlighted in CIM Magazine

22 Nov 2023

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum’s CIM Magazine highlighted results from the Opioid-Related Harms Among Ontario Workers study in their September-October 2023 edition (page 15).

The study tracks opioid-related harms among a group of 1.7 million Ontario workers. Some of the findings highlighted in the article include:

  • Compared to the general Ontario population, workers in the study had 2.41 times higher risk of emergency department visits and 1.54 times higher risk of hospitalization for opioid-related poisonings.
  • Some of the groups at highest risk of opioid-related poisoning compared to the general population include those in the construction and trades, materials handling, processing (minerals, metals, chemicals), machining, transport, mining, medicine, and service industries.

The study is a collaboration between OCRC and the Institute for Work and Health to better understand which worker groups in Ontario are most risk of opioid-related harms. To learn more, visit the study website at https://opioidsandwork.ca/.