Respirator Fit Study FAQ – Results

Will I get my fit test results?

Yes, you will be provided with a written copy of your results from all your fit tests immediately after completing the fit testing protocols.

How do I learn about the study findings after everyone has been fit tested?

At the end of the study, lay language results will be posted for participants on the study website. Reports prepared for the different stakeholders will be made available on the study website for broad access. All results will be in aggregate form and not identify individual workers under any circumstances.

Can I use my results in place of my employer’s fit testing requirements if I was fit on the same respirator?

No, you cannot use these results in place of your employer’s fit testing requirements. However, you are free to share your fit testing data with your employer if you choose to do so.

Can I use any brand of respirator after I pass on that size?

No. You should only wear the specific brand, model, and size respirator that you wore during a successful fit test.