H. Roland Hosein

University of Toronto

Dr. Roland Hosein is a native of Trinidad who took his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees at the University of London and completed his Ph.D in Epidemiology at the University of Western Ontario. He did research on the epidemiology of lung diseases at Yale University, and later led a team in Occupational Health for the Government of Alberta.

Dr. Hosein started the graduate program in Occupational and Environmental Health with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and today maintains a part-time appointment as Adjunct Professor. Dr. Hosein has been either editor or co-editor of several major studies identified with occupational/environmental health hazards. He is holder of the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) John Jenkins Award and the Occupational Hygiene Association’s Hugh Nelson Award.

Dr. Hosein is the former Vice President of GE Canada, with corporate responsibility for health and environment for Canada. He was Chair of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Environment Management Systems and head of delegation to ISO. He now Chairs the Standards Council of Canada Committee on Nanotechnology and is Head of Delegation to ISO TC 229. He was Chair of the Board of the Institute for Work and Health and member of the Research Advisory Council of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Dr. Hosein was elected to the CSA Board of Directors in June, 2007 and has been nominated to be Chair of the CSA in 2011.