OCRC Report: Chronic respiratory disease report

Highlighting important respiratory diseases identified in Ontario workers through the ODSS


On April 28th, we remember and honour people who have lost their lives, been injured or suffer from illness due to their work.

Ontario investing over $6 million to prevent work-related cancers

Ontario is investing over $6 million to support research led by the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) to identify workplace-related causes of cancers, prevent these cancers from occurring, and better support workers already impacted by occupational illness. The increase in funding for the OCRC will ensure that Ontario has the best available data and evidence …

CAREX Canada hosts Burden of Occupational Cancer Symposium in BC

An event report and fact sheets are now available.

CAREX Canada joins Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences

CAREX Canada is a national surveillance program that is developing estimates of the number of Canadians exposed to carcinogens in workplace and community environments.  CAREX Canada recently moved to Simon Fraser University from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Paul Demers, OCRC Director, is also the Scientific Director of CAREX Canada, and there are many …

Congratulations to OCRC researchers!

We are pleased to announce that OCRC post-doctoral fellow Anne Harris has recently been hired as an assistant professor at Ryerson University. Congratulations Anne! We look forward to working together on future collaborations. We also extend congratulations to OCRC research associates Ann Del Bianco and Victoria Arrandale, who recently successfully defended their PhD dissertations.

Symposium and pooled project meeting at the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health (CARWH) Conference, June 1-2, Vancouver

Several researchers will be presenting their work related to agricultural exposures and cancer at the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health (CARWH) Conference  in Vancouver on June 1-2, 2012. In a 90-minute symposium, Garthika Navaranjan, Nicole Garzia, and Manisha Pahwa will share their studies of pesticide exposure and lymphoma in the Cross-Canada Study of Pesticides and Health. Anne-Marie Nicol, …

Surveillance of mesothelioma and workers’ compensation in British Columbia, Canada

Mesothelioma is a cancer that develops on the protective membranes that line the cavity holding the lungs, the abdominal cavity, and the heart sac. It is mainly caused by asbestos exposure. An estimated 85-90% of cases in men and 20-30% of cases in women are due to occupational exposure.  Therefore, mesothelioma is considered a compensable …

Review of Canadian studies that have measured exposure to workplace carcinogens

Significance: There is a large body of research on occupational exposures in Canadian workplaces, but there is no central repository for this information. Having a database in which information from different studies could be collected and analyzed would allow researchers to identify overexposed worker populations, find gaps in the research, and build up background knowledge …

The history of occupational cancer research in Ontario (1950-2010)

Significance: This project will provide a comprehensive analysis, from a historical perspective, of the development of occupational cancer research in Ontario.  It will provide insights into the role Ontario has played in occupational cancer research and how, as a result of its long and rich history, the province is strategically placed to be a leader …