Regional and sector-specific patterns of occupational and environmental exposures (TRA)

Completed. This was a pilot project whose goal was to assess the feasibility of creating regional occupational and environmental health profiles for Ontario.

Using the Ontario Toxics Reduction Act for targeted cancer-specific prevention strategies (TRA)

Complete. This study used data from Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act to assess trends in industrial carcinogen use and release.

Leveraging environmental reporting databases to assess occupational and environmental exposures

Dormant. This project aims to evaluate the performance of the Ontario Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) and to explore the feasibility of using data from the TRA and NPRI databases as a surveillance tool for occupational and environmental exposures.

Radon Survey of Workplaces in Ontario

In progress. The main objective of this study is to collect data to assess where hazardous levels of radon are present in Ontario workplaces in order to target prevention efforts.

Diesel Engine Exhaust Exposure in the Ontario Construction Industry

In progress. The goal of this study is to measure levels exposure to diesel engine exhaust among workers in the Ontario construction industry.

Occupational Cancer and Asbestosis among Asbestos-Exposed Workers in Ontario

Complete. This project examined cancer and chronic respiratory disease risk among workers in the Ontario Asbestos Workers Register.

Investigating the Occupational Etiology of Prostate Cancer in Canadian Workers

Completed. This project is to investigate the relationship between occupation, industry, and prostate cancer risk in Canadian workers.

Lung cancer and chronic respiratory disease in the Ontario mining industry

Complete. This study examined the chronic respiratory disease and cancer experience of an Ontario hard rock mining cohort in relation to occupational factors.

Occupational exposure in Ontario nail salons

Complete. This study characterized worker exposure to a variety of occupational hazards in the nail salon environment, including chemicals, ergonomics and stress.

Investigation of exposure to flame retardants among electronic waste recycling workers

Complete. This study characterized the inhalation and skin exposure of electronic waste recycling workers to flame retardants, and tested a new method of measuring exposure.