Exposure & Interventions

Recruitment for radon testing is now complete!

We are recruiting public buildings and small businesses to join a study of radon in workplaces. Eligible participants will receive free radon testing.

Now recruiting paramedics and firefighters!

Join our respirator fit test study to find out how well your respirator fits during simulated life support tasks.

Validation of respirator fit testing for emergency workers during simulated life support tasks – project summary

Status: In progress Purpose: This is an experimental study where we aim to compare respiratory fit with two protocols: i) the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard fit testing protocol and ii) a simulated work fit testing protocol using a set of life support and patient handling tasks. We also aim to identify factors associated with …

Assessing new methods for measuring occupational exposure to flame retardants

In progress. The goal of this study is to explore two new methods for measuring occupational exposure to flame retardants.

COVID-19 Occupational Risks, Seroprevalence and Immunity among Paramedics in Canada (CORSIP)

In progress. The goal of this study is to investigate COVID-19 risk factors, infection, vaccination and immunity among paramedics in Ontario and BC.

Radon Survey of Workplaces in Ontario

In progress. The main objective of this study is to collect data to assess where hazardous levels of radon are present in Ontario workplaces in order to target prevention efforts.

Diesel Engine Exhaust Exposure in the Ontario Construction Industry

In progress. The goal of this study is to measure levels exposure to diesel engine exhaust among workers in the Ontario construction industry.

Occupational exposure in Ontario nail salons

Complete. This study characterized worker exposure to a variety of occupational hazards in the nail salon environment, including chemicals, ergonomics and stress.

Investigation of exposure to flame retardants among electronic waste recycling workers

Complete. This study characterized the inhalation and skin exposure of electronic waste recycling workers to flame retardants, and tested a new method of measuring exposure.

Diesel exhaust exposure in Ontario fire halls

Complete. The findings from this study improve our understanding of the nature and the extent of diesel exhaust exposure in Ontario fire halls, and the effectiveness of existing control measures.