Reports and Publications

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AGRICOH: A consortium of agricultural cohorts

Leon ME, Beane Freeman L, Douwes J, et al. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2011;8(5):1341-1357.

Soft-tissue sarcoma and pesticides exposure in men: Results of a Canadian case-control study

Pahwa P, Karunanayake CP, Dosman JA, Spinelli JJ, McLaughlin JR, Cross-Canada Group. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2011;53(11):1279-1286.

IARC Monographs Volume 102: Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part 2: Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2013.

IARC Monographs Volume 100F: Chemical Agents and Related Occupations

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2012.

IARC Monographs Volume 100D: Radiation

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2012.

IARC Monographs Volume 100C: Arsenic, Metals, Fibres, and Dusts

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2012.

Occupational exposure to silica and lung cancer: pooled analysis of two case-control studies in Montreal, Canada

Vida, S., Pintos, J., Parent, M.-E., Lavoue, J., Siemiatycki, J. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 2010; 19(6):1602-1611.

Exposures in painting-related occupations and risk of lung cancer among men: results from two case-control studies in Montreal

Ramanakumar, A.V., Parent, M.-E., Richardson, L., Siemiatycki, J. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2011; 68(1):44-51.

Lung cancer risk associated with occupational exposure to nickel, chromium VI, and cadmium in two population-based case-control studies in Montreal

Beveridge, R., Pintos, J., Parent, M.-E., Asselin, J., Siemiatycki, J. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 2010; 53:476-485.

Analysis of multiple exposures: an empirical comparison of results from conventional and semi-Bayes modeling strategies

Momoli, F., Abrahamowicz, M., Parent, M.-E., Krewski, D., Siemiatycki, J. Epidemiology, 2010; 21(1):144-151.

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