Reports and Publications

Developing National CAREX Projects in Latin America & the Caribbean: Technical Guide

Technical Guide to the Workshop Proceedings: Building Capacity for CAREX Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (May 2014)

Histopathologic Analysis of Lung Cancer Incidence Associated with Radon Exposure among Ontario Uranium Miners

Using a retrospective cohort design, this study examines the risks of lung cancer by histological subtypes associated with exposure to radon decay products among the Ontario Uranium Miners cohort.

A new approach for detecting work-related disease risks: the Occupational Disease Surveillance System

This article outlines the purpose and approach for creating the Occupational Disease Surveillance System, and provides an overview of select results for different health outcomes generated by this system.

Adult Asthma among Workers in Ontario: Results from the Occupational Disease Surveillance System

This study examines associations between asthma and hundreds of jobs in Ontario.

Breast cancer risk by occupation and industry in women and men: Results from the Occupational Disease Surveillance System (ODSS)

The recently established ODSS was used to examine breast cancer risk in women and men by occupation and industry.

Examining lung cancer risks across different industries and occupations in Ontario, Canada: the establishment of the Occupational Disease Surveillance System

This current surveillance system identified several established high-risk groups for lung cancer and could be used for ongoing surveillance of occupational lung cancer in Ontario.

Industry and geographic patterns of use and emission of carcinogens in Ontario, Canada, 2011–2015

The results of this study show the need to reduce the use and emission of select carcinogens in priority industry sectors.

OCRC Report: Assessment of diesel exhaust exposure in municipal fire halls in Ontario

This report, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, summarizes the diesel exhaust exposure levels assessed in 12 fire halls in Ontario.

OCRC Report: Assessment of safe antineoplastic drug handling practices in community pharmacies, veterinary settings and long-term care homes in Ontario

Report funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and produced in collaboration with Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, and Public Services Health and Safety Association.

Prostate cancer surveillance by occupation and industry: the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC)

This study uses one of the largest Canadian worker cohorts to examine occupation, industry, and prostate cancer and to assess patterns of prostate cancer rates.