Reports and Publications

Report release: Advancing Workplace Exposure Surveillance in Canada

This report presents the proceedings of a workshop aimed at identifying the challenges, resource needs, and next steps to improve occupational exposure surveillance in Canada.

OCRC Report: Occupational Disease Surveillance Program: Reporting on Progress up to 2022

This report provides a brief overview of the Occupational Disease Surveillance Program’s progress up to 2022, with a focus on recent developments.

OCRC Report: Chronic respiratory disease report

Highlighting important respiratory diseases identified in Ontario workers through the ODSS

OCRC Report: Options for tracking occupational disease and exposure in Ontario

This report provides an overview of current occupational disease and exposure surveillance initiatives and identifies opportunities for future work.

Innovations in applied decision theory for health and safety

This study highlights better ways for epidemiologists to measure and communicate the health impact of potential policy choices.

OCRC Report: Using scientific evidence and principles to help determine the work-relatedness of cancer

The report, commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, identifies 11 recommendations to improve recognition and adjudication of occupational cancer claims.

OCRC Report: Investigation of McIntyre Powder Exposure and Neurological Outcomes in the Mining Master File Cohort

This report, funded by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, examines the risk of neurological disease among Ontario miners who were exposed to McIntyre Powder.

Report: Workplace Hazardous Materials Bureau – Confidential Business Information Protection Provisions on Carcinogens and Mutagens: Implications for Canadian Workers

This report evaluates when withholding the identity or concentration of carcinogens and mutagens within WHMIS could potentially harm the health or well-being of workers.

Future Burden of Cancer in Construction Workshop Report

This report summarizes results of the Future Burden of Cancer study, and challenges and opportunities for prevention in the Ontario construction sector.

Report: National Occupational Disease and Exposure Surveillance Workshop Summary

This report provides an overview of current occupational disease and exposure surveillance efforts in Canada and opportunities for future work.