Report release: Advancing Workplace Exposure Surveillance in Canada

This report presents the proceedings of a workshop aimed at identifying the challenges, resource needs, and next steps to improve occupational exposure surveillance in Canada.

IARC Monographs Vol. 132: Occupational Exposure as a Firefighter

The Working Group for Volume 132 found that occupational exposure as a firefighter is carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). The full Monograph is now available on the IARC website.

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

The OCRC has launched our new strategic plan for 2023-2028

Webinar: Occupational patterns in opioid-related harms among Ontario workers

Watch the slide cast from the webinar, presented on June 13 by Dr. Nancy Carnide (IWH) and Dr. Paul Demers (OCRC) as part of the IWH Speaker Series.

Day of Mourning 2023

On April 28th, we recognize and remember those who have died, become ill, or were injured because of their work.

Occupational Disease Statistics User Toolkit: Mining

This toolkit helps users identify disease risks among Ontario mining workers, using the OccDiseaseStats data tool.

Recruitment for radon testing is now complete!

We are recruiting public buildings and small businesses to join a study of radon in workplaces. Eligible participants will receive free radon testing.

OCRC Report: Occupational Disease Surveillance Program: Reporting on Progress up to 2022

This report provides a brief overview of the Occupational Disease Surveillance Program’s progress up to 2022, with a focus on recent developments.

Now recruiting paramedics and firefighters!

Join our respirator fit test study to find out how well your respirator fits during simulated life support tasks.

OCRC Report: Chronic respiratory disease report

Highlighting important respiratory diseases identified in Ontario workers through the ODSS