OCRC Resources

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OCRC produces many resources based on our research program. These resources can be viewed in the sections to the left. Reports and Fact Sheets are non-peer reviewed summaries of our research. Publications are peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals. Presentations include oral and poster presentations given at conferences or stakeholder events. There is also a variety of multimedia available in the Videos section.


Recent Additions:

Occupational Disease Statistics User Toolkit: Mining

December 6, 2022
This toolkit helps users identify disease risks among Ontario mining workers, using the OccDiseaseStats data tool.

OCRC Report: Occupational Disease Surveillance Program: Reporting on Progress up to 2022

November 4, 2022
This report provides a brief overview of the Occupational Disease Surveillance Program's progress up to 2022, with a focus on recent developments.

OCRC Report: Chronic respiratory disease report

April 28, 2022
Highlighting important respiratory diseases identified in Ontario workers through the ODSS