OCRC Resources

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OCRC produces many resources based on our research program. These resources can be viewed in the sections to the left. Reports and Fact Sheets are non-peer reviewed summaries of our research. Publications are peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals. Presentations include oral and poster presentations given at conferences or stakeholder events. There is also a variety of multimedia available in the Videos section.


Recent Additions:

Future Burden of Cancer in Construction Workshop Report

March 16, 2020
This report summarizes results of the Future Burden of Cancer study, and challenges and opportunities for prevention in the Ontario construction sector.

Report: National Occupational Disease and Exposure Surveillance Workshop Summary

March 13, 2020
This report provides an overview of current occupational disease and exposure surveillance efforts in Canada and opportunities for future work.

Report: Awareness of asbestos hazards in schools, asbestos management plans and training among Ontario school custodial workers

October 11, 2019
This report summarizes the findings from an evaluation of custodial workers' awareness of asbestos management in schools.