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Indoor Air Quality Survey of Nail Salons in Boston

Employees in nail salons, largely Vietnamese immigrant women in Boston, are exposed to a range of volatile organic chemicals from the products used in salons, including solvents, glues and polishes.

Health Canada rejects claim that new radon gas standards put Canadians at risk

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) representing 8,500 companies in Canada, including builders, renovators, trade contractors and product manufacturers is claiming that Ottawa’s first-ever set of guidelines to reduce cancer-causing radon gas in basements is itself dangerous. Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can seep into basements and well-water. It has been blamed for 16 per …

Mesothelioma: Why asbestos is so dangerous

The fact that asbestos causes cancer has been largely undisputed for nearly 50 years. Now, researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have discovered why the fibres cause such damage to the body. Click here to read full article.  

March is Colorectal Cancer awareness month

Colorectal cancer is the second deadliest form of Cancer in Canada and the second leading cause of death. A recent proclamation at Timmins City Hall was held to recognize March as Colorectal Cancer awareness month in Timmins. The department will educate the public with an information booth in the main Promenade at the beginning of …

IWH’s presentation: Flame retardants in e-waste recycling: an emerging occupational hazard

A topic of Flame retardants in e-waste recycling: an emerging occupational hazard will be presented by Dr. Victoria Arrandale from Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Care Ontario on March 20, 2018. It is one of the upcoming events of the IWH Speaker Series that aims to bring you the latest findings from work and health researchers from the Institute …

Prostate cancer surveillance by occupation and industry: the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC)

This study uses one of the largest Canadian worker cohorts to examine occupation, industry, and prostate cancer and to assess patterns of prostate cancer rates.

Peterborough General Electric families launch social media campaign

A new social media campaign has been launched to draw attention to the stories of families who’ve lost loved ones to cancer acquired from working at the General Electric plant in Peterborough in the 1990s. The campaign names Families in Waiting that uses both Twitter and Instagram (see @loriinwaiting). Click here to read the article.

Controlling diesel particulate matter from on-road diesel engines

An infographic describing control strategies for diesel engine exhaust from on-road applications.

Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 Report

Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 is the second in a series of comprehensive reports that describe the changing burden of cancer in Ontario. Reporting on over 30 years of data from the Ontario Cancer Registry and other data sources, it focuses on the incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence of 23 of the most common cancers in Ontario. …

Tribunal rules in favour of man who claims he developed cancer from radiation at work

Michel Plante was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2014, and prostate cancer in less than a year later. He decides to take legal action because he claims he developed cancer from radiation exposure at work. His claim is backed by the labour tribunal in Quebec. Click here to read the article.