Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 Report

Do you know the most commonly diagnosed cancers in 2018 are expected to be breast, colorectal and lung? It is one of the key findings released in Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 Report by Cancer Care Ontario.

Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 is the second in a series of comprehensive reports that describe the changing burden of cancer in Ontario. Reporting on over 30 years of data from the Ontario Cancer Registry and other data sources, it focuses on the incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence of 23 of the most common cancers in Ontario.

For the first time in this report series, emerging issues in cancer control are examined and additional cancer statistics are provided for public health units.

Highlights of the Report

  • Designed as an easy-to-use reference guide, organized into eight key chapters each of which can be downloaded individually.
  • Special focus on the burden of comorbidity among individuals with cancer and the impact of wait times to surgical treatment on survival for selected cancers.
  • Cancer incidence, mortality and survival statistics mapped out by public health unit and sex.
  • PowerPoint slides pre-populated with figures from the report, and data tables providing all of the data from the figures and tables in the report.

Click here to full report.