Occupational Lung Cancer Symposium: Causes and Screening

Feb 24, 2014

The Occupational Cancer Research Centre recently held a symposium on occupational lung cancer. The symposium focused on recent research on the burden and prevalence of major exposures linked to occupational lung cancer, such as asbestos and diesel exhaust. It explored the emerging advances in lung cancer screening, and the logistical and ethical issues of targeting …

Occupational and Environmental Health Seminar Series 2013-2014

From Nov 21, 2013 to Apr 10, 2014

The seminar series is supported by the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Public Health Ontario, the Occupational Cancer Research Centre, and the Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease. Presentations from the 2013-2014 seminars are posted here.

Shiftwork Interventions Symposium

Nov 06, 2012

Interventions mitigating health risks of shift work: Current knowledge and workplace practices On November 6, 2012, the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) and the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) held a symposium about workplace practices to mitigate the health effects of shift work. The goal of this symposium was to extend previous discussions of injuries …

IARC Carcinogen Classification Workshop – February 14, 2012

Feb 14, 2012

The Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) hosted a workshop on the classification of carcinogens, held on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012, from 12:00pm – 5:00pm at the United Steelworkers Hall.  This workshop aimed to educate and inform attendees on the carcinogen classification process used by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), highlighting how epidemiological, …

OCRC Research Day 2011

Mar 24, 2011

“OCRC Research Day: Assessing the Human and Economic Burden of Occupational Cancer” took place on March 23, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. The Research Day brought together researchers, workplace stakeholders, students and those with an interest in occupational cancer. Featured presenters talked about efforts to assess the burden of workplace cancer in Alberta, the United States, …

The Health Effects of Shift Work – April 12, 2010

Apr 12, 2010

The OCRC and the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) co-hosted a symposium entitled “The Health Effects of Shift Work” on April 12, 2010. A summary report of the proceedings was compiled by the IWH. Complete presentations from the conference are found below, and more information can also be found on the IWH website.   Symposium …