Practicum students recruited to OCRC

OCRC continues to recruit students to work on several occupational cancer research projects.

In the spring/summer of 2011, several practicum students started working at OCRC, including Jill Hardt and Garthika Navaranjan, both from the M.P.H. in Epidemiology program at the University of Toronto. Jill is working on an occupational cancer surveillance project using the 1991-2006 Canadian census mortality and cancer cohort and Garthika is working on a project examining the association between combinations of pesticide exposure and the risk of Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Manisha Pahwa and Victoria Arrandale have been OCRC students for the past year. Manisha is an occupational/environmental health graduate student currently finishing her Master’s degree major project. She is working on a project investigating the association between pesticides exposure and cancer in a cross-Canada case-control study. Victoria is a Ph.D. candidate in occupational health and is working part-time as a student at OCRC. She is working on a project looking at exposure to workplace carcinogens in Ontario.